Estate Clean Out / Auctions

Just leave it to us to clear out your estate to prepare it for sale
Clearing out the home of a family member can be an overwhelming experience and consume much more time than you have available for the task.

Just Leave It To Us works with executors, estate trustees and families to empty the home and prepare it for sale. We work with clients across the Golden Horseshoe region.

Estate auctions involve the estate executor, and often lawyers, accountants and a personal appraiser may all also need to be involved in the sale of the contents of a home.

Just Leave It To Us manages the liquidation of the estate and arranges to auction contents off in a timely manner at the best possible prices we can get for the estate, reporting back directly with the executor.

We inventory and take all the photos of the items, place them with the online auction, arrange all the details for sales and payment and ship the items.

After the estate auction, we ensure all items left in the estate are disposed of responsibly, donated, recycled or sent to the proper waste facility.

Estate Clear/Clean Out Services:

Personal Consultation

We meet with you at your home, discuss your needs and budget and help you to decide on the services you need to make the transition go smoothly.

Sorting and Organizing

We clear the estate and sort the items to be auctioned, donated, shipped, recycled or disposed of. We arrange to distribute all items as needed.

Estate Auction

We arrange and auction off all the items that are to be sold within a timely manner and dispose of leftover items responsibly.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Once the house is empty and ready to be sold, we arrange staff to clean the estate. When necessary we can also perform any property maintenance to prepare the house for sale.

Staging & Real Estate 

JUST LEAVE IT TO US can help to arrange the realtor and home staging to get maximum return on the estate in a timely manner.

Our Full Service List

  • Move in or move out cleaning
  • Personal organizing
  • Downsizing
  • Painting
  • House cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Garden maintenance
  • Sorting and distribution of belongings
  • Distribution and delivery of personal property
  • Personal Property Appraisals
  • Selling and donating home contents
  • Junk and hazardous waste removal
  • Quality tradesmen on staff and ready to serve you
  • Qualified real estate agents to appraise property before and after work to be done.
  • And much more! 

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